Selecting tags (Dropdown) in a table resulting in Error 5 in Chrome

We are using the self-hosted version of Retool and I can create a table, populate it, and add additional columns, but when I try changing one of the new columns to a Tag (Dropdown) type, Chrome immediately crashes with an Error 5.

Any advice?

Hey @Magenta_Jackie,
I'm assuming you are using the latest version of Chrome? We haven't had any other reports of browser crashing with Tag (Dropdown). Can you please open a support ticket by writing to us in in-app chat or emailing ? We'll be happy to take a look at your setup, and we can report back to the forum once we troubleshoot what's going on.

Hi magenta_Jackie,
Are you still seeing this error? Are you able to see send a screenshot or recording or maybe the exported JSON app of a demo to reproduce the bug?

Thanks for checking in about this!

Yes, I'll try getting a recording and export the JSON app. Start a ticket with and send it that way, right?

You can actually drop the json and/or mp3 files right here in the chat app or likewise the email option you've said!

Thanks! I just sent an email. Thanks again for being so proactive on supporting this!

Sounds good thanks Magenta_Jackie. And, if we uncover anything in our support chat, we will post them here too! Thanks!