Selecting a subset of columns from recordUpdates

Hi all - I’ve got a table that is the result of a query with some joins etc. Now I’ve got 3 columns I’ve made editable which should (and do) update when you save the changes. However, to be able to make these changes some background info is required but these columns aren’t part of the table I’m writing into. My problem is that I get an error: Unknown column 'website' in 'field list'.
Can I somehow neatly select a subset of the data within my update query when referencing {{table1.recordUpdates}}.
Or do I need to write some Transformer?
Not very versed in JS. Any help is appreciated loads.

Ok i’ve figured it out myself:
just wrote a transformer:
data = {{table1.recordUpdates}}.map(function(obj) { return { col1: obj.col1, col2: obj.col2, col3: obj.col3, col4: obj.col4 } }); return data


awesome to see how this is done! Thumbs up for showing a transformer in action!

Thank you for sharing @janhkmn!