selectedEvent property not working for Calendar component

I’m having a problem with selecting events on a calendar: I’d like to be able to create buttons to take actions based on the current elected event.

When I select an event, selectedEvent is null. If i create a new one, it seems to allow me to select it and populate the selectedEvent. But for ones coming from the data they just fail Then I noticed an error appearing in the console. Is the problem with something I’ve done? or is it a bug?
the events on the calendar are set to: {{formatDataAsArray(}}

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I tried it as well with my own data and the issue seems to arise when the date format is not a timestamp. In my case, the date format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ cause it’s an all day event too. I found a workaround by changing the format to timestamp starting at 12 am for the “start” column in the sql query. For the “end” column just do the same thing and add 23 hours and 59 minutes to it. It’s not ideal but it works. I can now select the event.

(In my case, to set the start-end interval at 12am-11.59pm I subtracted 60 minutes and added 22 hours and 59 minutes because we are based at UTC+1)

There should be a better way to address it or maybe they should just fix it. But anyway, hope this helps.

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(to add a bit here)

It looks like if you click on the event a second time, the value isn’t null. Definitely looks like a bug on our end - let me bring this up with the engineering team, I’ll circle back when it’s fixed!