"Select Table" shows "No Data" in GUI Mode query

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I am also seeing this with a planetscale db. Any idea on the solution timeline?

Hi @Kabirdas,

It sounds like the team probably has a good handle on what the issue likely is, but Travis below reached out to us via PlanetScale Support and shared the following query that Retool seems to be executing currently and I think the modified version below with a few additional exclusions may be what's needed if the intention is to primarily only show the user's tables/columns that might exist in their database?

SELECT column_name, data_type, table_name, table_schema
FROM information_schema.columns
WHERE table_schema != 'pg_catalog'
AND table_schema != 'information_schema' 
-- Additional exclusions:
AND table_schema != 'sys' 
AND table_schema != 'performance_schema' 
AND table_schema != 'mysql' 
AND table_schema != '_vt'
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Hey @orware!

Thanks for responding on our forums :slightly_smiling_face:

At Retool we enforce the limit of the number of tables we fetch for the information schema (due to performance reasons, the query is a bit different), we opened a thread in the Planetscale discussion here. Any chance could you take a look?

Sorry about the confusion, there have been updates since Chris' original post in this thread :sweat_smile:

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Sure thing!

We've received another related ticket with the link to the discussion a few minutes ago and I was able to experience the same behavior too so I'm pretty sure that specific issue described related to the LIMIT 1 usage is something we can report internally to our Vitess team for review.

If I receive an update from our end I'll bring it back here to also share!


Hi! Is there any update on this ? It's a major block for us because we can't get any of our data in planetscale to show on retool without having to write queries manually which defeats the whole purpose. Thanks for looking into this!

Hey @aaly00! For now, we’re following along on the request in the Planetscale discussion repo for any updates, once there’s movement there we can share it here as well. Thanks again @orware for chiming in here and tracking this issue with your team at Planetscale internally!

I am also seeing this bug.

Still experiencing the issue with planetscale.

Hey folks! A patch was shipped for this issue with version 2.112.0 today so you should be able to fetch the schema from Planetscale resources, can yall let me know if you're still running into issues?

Working for me now! I am so happy I don't have to edit export, edit and import the JSON anymore!!!

Also working for me, and I was also able to remove the sslaccept=strict

I received an update from our Vitess team that once PR#12634 is merged in and eventually makes its way into PlanetScale in a few weeks more generally that this should address the issue users were encountering here as well, even though it looks like a separate patch is also already available from the Retool team that is helping users to use their PlanetScale databases together with Retool.

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Hi all, I see this exact same issue with my digital ocean databases. Is there a workaround for digital ocean yet?

Hey @bg1900!

What version of Retool are you on, and was this working for you before? As of 2.112.0, this should be fixed, I'm wondering if something else has come up or regressed!

Hi Kabirdas,

The latest one? -- I am not sure how to tell.

The problem definitely still exists for me! But it may also be a limit on the number of tables the GUI can access perhaps?

Oh my, I mixed up PlanetScale and Digital Ocean, sorry :flushed:

The fix was specific to PlanetScale resources but the issue seemed like it was specifically tied to older versions of MySQL. It might be helpful to double-check the version of your MySQL database. If it was created recently though my guess is that it would be a high enough version and there could be something else going on here :thinking:

What happens when you run the following query manually from within Retool?

  c.column_name as column_name,
  c.data_type as data_type,
  c.table_name as table_name,
  c.table_schema as table_schema
  information_schema.columns c
  JOIN (
      table_schema != 'information_schema'
  ) AS tables ON tables.table_name = c.table_name

Side note:

You can see the version in the help menu in the lower right corner of your screen:

If you're on Cloud though it should always be the latest one!

I'm also having this problem, using a Google BigQuery connection.

We have many other apps using the same connection, many in GUI mode. Everything still works, but I can't set up a new GUI mode query because just today I am seeing "no data" in the select a table dropdown.

I had a look at one of our other apps (using the same account, same BigQuery connection) which use GUI mode queries, and the correct table is still displayed, but clicking on the dropdown there also shows "no data".

Very frustrating, please be aware this is still an issue, and not just for PlanetScale

Hey @prettyman!

It looks like you may have gotten this resolved in a separate conversation but just want to post here in case folks stumble across this thread with a similar question:

As of v2.120.0 Retool started enforcing the same 100MB limit for BigQuery schema that applies more generally to query responses which, in some cases, can cause people to no longer retrieve their schema. You can check metadata of your schema using INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES in BQ - limiting the number of tables available to Retool may help solve the problem.

If anyone has additional questions about it please let us know!

I'm going to lock this thread for now. While the symptoms are the same for everyone here there are a number of different causes/fixes so, in an effort to keep things more searchable, it would be awesome for folks to create separate threads if they're running into something similar :pray: