Select null value in drop down for PSQL enum

Hey all,

I have a retool app that writes an update query to my psql database and one of the columns is an enum with values such as {"hello", "world", "hello world"} that is also nullable.

The problem is when i set the drop down list for this value to be passed into my query there's no way to send in a null value if I want to clear this column so to speak. The drop down list values are always interpreted as strings, and since "null" isn't a valid enum value it'll fail the database update. Is there a clear value function for drop down lists anywhere?

Hey victorgong16, On my end I was able to pass in null as a value for the Select component or leave the Select component empty and update my Postgres DB with the null value on my end.

Can you share a screenshot of your query?

Hey Everett,

Yea I can. To be honest this isn't an app that I wrote, I'm kind of inheriting it from someone. I will ask how the query is constructed but it seems to be pulling all the data from a table all at once, that might be why. The drop down is constructed as follows:

And the query is this:


As you can see it still interpolates it as a string in the actual query. Maybe I need to pull each individual value out of the table and construct the query that way?

Hey victorgong16, I didn't realize this was for a dropdown column type on a table. I do see your issue here and I think the best workaround would be to use a transformer to substitute null values for 'Null' values in recordUpdates. Here is an example of how you could replace those values in a transformer.

You could then input the value of this transformer—{{transformRecordUpdates.value}}—to 'Array of records to update' in place of {{localizedProductTable.recordUpdates}}. I hope this helps!

Ahh ok the transformer worked like a charm, thank you so much!