Select-Fields (Dropdown) on NewRow empty, although resource is populated

I have a table, which consists of skills for a certain person. Since I have to add these skills for each person individually, these skills are mainly empty in the beginning.
I have created a table with all people and in the table is a modal-column, which then opens another table, which consists of all the skills for each resource.
To add a skill I am using the implemented newRow functionality of the table. The columns consist of dropdown fields, which are pulled from another database table.

If I add a new row on a person, which already has skills, I see the dropdown lists with all the skills.

If I add a new row on a person, which has no skills yet, I see a dropdown list, which is empty, although the query shows me the skills from the database.

I can add data manually, but thats not the idea behind a dropdown. Why isn't it populating the dropdown on newRow, if the table is empty? It has empty columns, so knows which fields are editable.

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Hi ObiOne! This sounds like a bug on our end :pensive: I linked the report internally and will keep you updated once we fix this (we're tackling this column type soon, so hopefully the fix will also be soon!)

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Do you have an estimate? Currently we have a Primary Key to Value Post It next to the app, for the first rows, somebody has to enter, so we can enter primary keys and after that the table is working fine on the next refresh.

It would be nice to use the app as it is supposed to.

Asked eng for an estimate, will let you know as soon as I hear back!

how you use the newRow function?

Do you mean the {{table1.newRow}} object that contains the info you enter in a new table row?

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yes i just opened a thread Question about select component regards that

Any update on this?

yeah, that would be nice. I hoped it to be fixed in one of the last updates. Unfortunately no joy...

Just wanted to share an update!

It seems this thread mentions 2 issues:

  1. Editing Tag columns in the Table—this will be solved with Table v2 coming soon! Hopefully by June 2023)
  2. The built-in Add row functionality in Table—we do not plan to build this into Table v2. This should be done using a separate form (you can put it next to the table or inside a modal and conditionally open/hide it)