Select entire table column

  • Goal:
    Hello I am trying to create a table where user can create custom rules for a selected colums.
    How can I allow user to select column, I have no idea yet. Idealy by clicking the column title , the entire column would be selected .
  • Steps:
    I have no idea how to implement this . Ideally i would add a checkbox next to each title. the inspector dosen't allow this . Do I have to create a custom component for this ?

Thank you for your replies . :blush:

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us!
I'm going to look into this a little bit as I do not think there is a way to do this currently.
What would the users be able to do with the selected columns? Maybe there can be an alternative setup outside of the table.

Hello thank you for replying to this thread, I created a table with options to add rules to each column - sort of like a copy to all rows in excel - I managed to make sure the rules are applied to a column by grabbing the selected cell element . So the user has to select a Cell , indeed it would be helpful to have the possibility to grab the selected Column too.

Thank you for that explanation!
Is the column always intended to have the same value throughout the table?

Hi sorry fot the late reply. No the cell of the columns are all supposed to have different values . Hence the condition rules. The rules are conditions applied to the entire column .

Hey @Ecommfox! As Dan mentioned, and you have found out, there isn't currently a way to select an entire column. I can submit a feature request for you, and update you as I get any additional information to share.

Hey I kindly agree @joeBumbaca, thanks a lot.

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