Select Dropdown picking intermittently up clicks after it has closed

I have an intermittent issue that I've noticed a few times and had reported by some users.

The user will click on a Select dropdown, choose a value, and then the dropdown will close. Then the user will click somewhere in the space that the dropdown was occupying when it was open, and the selected value of the dropdown will change (even though it is already closed).

Some additional info that may be important:

  • The dropdowns I've seen effected seem to be in modules.
  • The dropdowns have 100+ values in them.

Hoping someone can give me some tips on how to stop this happening.


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I have noticed this as well, but haven't really stopped to see what are the conditions around this behavior, so it would be great if this is identified and addressed. Thanks for raising @BenCook

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@MiguelOrtiz do you have any sense of whether your dropdowns were inside modules or not?
Or the number of options available?

Hi Ben,

I have used dropdowns in modules as well, and I apply the same rule, i.e. add a query to my module with the id/name mapping.

The number of options is a couple of hundreds max...

If you hit like escape or enter just before this does it still happen? or is it only when the first action after the dropdown closes is a mouse click in the same area?

HI @bobthebear

It's hard to say if hitting escape mitigates the issue as it might happen less that 5% of the time.

But usually the user would either hit enter of click on the option. And then when clicking below the dropdown it will repeatedly pick up clicks (and the selected option keeps changing).

Hello @BenCook and @MiguelOrtiz!

I was trying to replicate the bug but I was not able to get a select dropdown to change its selected option by clicking over the mini-modals location after it closed.

Any chance either of you could share a video of the behavior?

Was also wondering about if there were any other patterns such as when the select goes above or below the input.

As well as if the dropdown is dangling outside of the module's perimeter or if it occurs inside the modules boundaries.


Hi @Jack_T,

Thanks for looking into this. Given the intermittent nature of this issue it's hard to get a video.

I've only ever seen it happen when the select goes below the input.

Also I've most commonly seen it where the dropdown dangles outside the modals boundaries, but there are exceptions to this.

Probably the most common pattern is that the drop down might have 200+ options to select from.

Hope that helps.

Hey @BenCook,

Thank you for the additional details. I was not able to reproduce the bug unfortunately.

Even with a large number of options it seems that the size for the dropdown is limited and will add a scroll wheel.

Let me know if you have any more tips on how I can get this behavior to occur!