Select Component - Wrap Option Labels

On the select input components, it has a labelWrap property.
How can i change this to true?

Hi there @jason3w,

Is this what you're looking for?


You have to click on the label within your select component, and then tick the box on allow wrapping.

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Oh that's the label it's referring to. Not this one... :frowning:

That's a shame.
I'm hoping for the same as the caption, but for the label. Top is label, below is caption.


Ah I see. That's actually not a feature, and I think it is a pretty good one. Currently the only workaround is to edit the max list width, which is not always ideal.

I've gone ahead and changed the label of this post to make it a feature request and add my +1.

Hello @jason3w!

Ty @MiguelOrtiz for showing the label wrap toggle box.

It seems that currently there is not an option to wrap the Select component's Values....

Will file a feature request and add Miguel's +1 to it!