Select box with value/label pairs from Query doesn't seem to work

Hey all, have a "select" dropdown box that I want to populate from a query (query is called "ClientProducts_get"). The query pulls an ID (airtable record ID) and a "product name" pair from the database.

The selection will be used to WRITE back to Airtable, so I want to use the "name" as the label, and the "record ID" as the "value".

I'm able to get the "name" to show up correctly when I use {{}} for the data source, but this means I can't get the ID

Here's my configuration, which I think should work, but it's showing the record ID instead of the label

How do I get the "name" to show up as the label, and the "ID" be the value here?

I was running into the same problem and finally figured it out. The data source is already selected so in the Value and Label fields on the Select Component, you only need to use {{ item.field_name }}.
This is what mine looks like...


YES thank you so much!