Secure Tool to build a customized chatbot

Hello community

I'm just discovering this wonderful nocode tool
While looking to establish secure chatbot apps to
Make a customized chatbot to question pdf documents.

So is it feasible with retool to make such a tool
I want to make it manage the users,the workflow to manage the loading of ressources and also make connections to the openai ressources.

I want a standalone application and a standalone database. Are there some previous examples in the community for building such tools.


Hi Ismail and welcome!

I'm unsure as to what exactly you are looking to do, but you can build just about anything with Retool. It does require some knowledge of coding, though, as you will need to have the ability to query your resources (PostgresSQL, Mongo, Firebase, etc.) and then connect your data to your components using JavaScript.

We also have the option to host your data in Retool using the Retool Database which you can learn more about here.

I would recommend referring to our documentation here to see how to utilize Retool to work for your unique use-case.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any additional questions.

All the best,

I think this is going to be your biggest hurdle as this will most likely require the Business or Enterprise plans