Secrets Manager Integrations are finally here!

Hi all,

We’re excited to share that Retool now integrates with AWS Secrets Manager and HashiCorp Vault.

These integrations make it easier to manage and use secrets in Retool resources.

Admins can set up secrets by namespace after granting Retool access through their secrets manager provider.


Resource editors can reference those secrets by key name on resource configuration fields, without the secret values being exposed.


Retool will automatically fetch the latest values from your secrets manager. This means you can follow best practices, such as secret rotation, without redeploying or updating your Retool instances.

These integrations will be available on self-hosted Retool (v3.4+) on the Enterprise plan. See our setup docs for AWS and docs for Vault.

If you don’t have access to one of these integrations, we recommend checking out our recently launched Environment Configuration Variables feature which also supports secrets in Retool.

Will it also become available for Azure Vault?

We hope to add more secrets manager integrations over time! I've shared your request for Azure Vault support with our team.


+1 for Azure Key Vault

I would like to put in the hat for Google Secrets Manager. It is an easy API to use and have seen it been integrated many places. So hopefully, it is not too difficult to add :smiley:

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Integration with Google Cloud Secrets Manager is now available in on-prem version 3.20+

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