SDO_UTIL.TO_GEOJSON not producing expected JSON


I have some geodata stored as ORACLE Spatial Data in a Oracle Database.
I'd like to retrieve this as a geoJSON which doesn't seem to work in Retool.

In my select I have SDO_UTIL.TO_GEOJSON(omr_geom) which produces something looking like this in Retool:

{_readableState: Object, _events: Object, _eventsCount: 1, _writableState: Object, allowHalfOpen: true…}

When running the same query in Oracle SQL Developer I get my geoJson:

{ "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [15.5347232799975, 59.3108072040727], [15.534706292469, 59.3107969732599], [15.5345325076566, 59.3107062927058], ... }

Any idea of what I am missing? I'd rather not do the conversion to geoJSON in JavaScript if I can avoid it...