Scale contents of tabbed container (table, chart) to view height

Hi everyone,

I am currently building an app with three tabbed views that are filtered via different dropdown fields and date sliders. I've placed the tab selection and the filters in the Header frame and dynamically hide and show the filters using the tab-values.

Now, I am trying to have each of the three tabs in the main frame use up the entire screen space when the tab is chosen. For example, in the first view just one table is displayed. Selecting "Expand content to fit" on the Main frame has the desired effect. However, if I add a container to the second tabbed view, the option "Expand content to fit" is disabled, because the Main frame has two components, even though each component is hidden in the non-relevant view.

Do you guys have an suggestion on how to have each view fill up the screen?

My last idea would be to move each view into a separate App and then navigate to these apps via the header, but I'd rather have everything in one place.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jonas_09, the best approach would be to use separate apps to

achieve this.

From our performance best practices doc: