Saves changes on bdd table

Hello community,
I have a little issue with the modifications on my table.

So I have a table and texts rely to it.
I make changes on a row, for example the name. I click on the the button "save changes" but on the texte linked to this name, it doesn't take into account the change.

My text value is "{{ }}" so it should read the change on the name row.

I know some people had the same issue but I didn't understood the solution.
I hope that you can help me,
thanks a lot !

Hi @Harry27 Thanks for reaching out! The selectedRow property doesn't have access to the edits in the table, but the .recordUpdates property should have what you're looking for! I'm linking our docs that have more info:

You might find this helpful as well:

Hi Tess !
Thanks a lot for your reply and the links. It really helped me !

kind regards,