Save a PDF of a dashboard directly to Retool Storage

First post, so apologies if I am in the wrong place, or repeating something that has been solved.

I have been following the retool tutorial: and have found the utils.downloadPage() code perfect for getting a snapshot-in-time report for the dashboards that I am building. The trouble has been that if I want to save that pdf for future reference it requires manually uploading the file to a storage location from the download to my computer. Not a problem until I have lots of users, lots of reports, or want to automatically generate reports on a time or milestone basis...

I have poked around on the forums and started to try and implement some of the other methods for using external APIs or rendering in page, but in each case the markup and handling required has been a hurdle to getting the same clean output that one easily gets from the utility. I am wondering if I am missing a simpler solution or if someone might be able to point me down a better path?

Ideally I would be able to specify the save location for the utils.downloadPage() to be Retool Storage, an s3 Bucket, or something similar, but if that is not in the cards... I'm not sure what

Thanks for the detailed feedback! It looks like this is something we want to support, but I don't have a concrete timeline yet. I'll post back here if I get any internal updates for this use case

Hey @iblack - Realizing it's not documented on the utils reference page, but have you tried using utils.serializePage() to return the base64 of a PDF of the current page? Once you have that you should be able to do whatever you'd like with the file.

It is documented now