Salesforce Dataloader on Retool

Hey folks,

I've been playing with Retool for a couple of months now and wanted to share some of the stuff I have been building.

I have started building a Salesforce dataloader alternative, if you have spent any time implementing Salesforce or even maintaining a Salesforce instance you will have performed mass data updates and will be familiar with the use case.


To my surprise, building this app was relatively straightforward. It involved the following key components;

  • Select Object - Once I added my Salesforce connection, it was simply a case of running a SOQL query to return the standard and custom objects from the Salesforce org. I also query the Salesforce fields for the selected Salesforce object.

  • CSV Upload - Added the file upload component, once the upload is complete I run a small script and create a JavaScript object and present this in a table view so that the user can map fields from the CSV to fields on the Salesforce object.

  • Upload to Salesforce - Using my already defined Salesforce resource, I set the query type to 'Bulk load' and provide the data and object as dynamic attributes. On success, set the visible tab of the tabbed container and show the results in a table.

A detailed write-up is in the works but if you have any questions let me know.