S3 upload fails - Missing Access-Control-Allow-Origin

Hi everyone,

could anyone support me with setting up the S3 file upload please? I do use a S3-compatible provider, Open Telekom Cloud, and my CORS for the bucket is configured correctly. The preflight is successful, however the subsequent PUT fails with 403: CORS-Header Access-Control-Allow-Origin missing. What am I missing?

CORS configuration



Thanks a lot!

Have you read through this? S3 Integration

Yes. Anything specific you are trying to point out? It does work for my AWS S3 bucket though.

@sebastian I am not familiar with what you are using as it relates to anything outside of s3 - after reading your post more closely, I apologize for suggesting the obvious...hopefully someone else in the forum can assist....

Hey Sebastian! Our S3 integration is not compatible with the third party Open Telekom Cloud service today unfortunately. Another user in the past reported that the integration worked for them on the Read a file from S3, Download a file from S3, List all files, and Delete a file actions, but that is where the compatibility overlap ends today with this S3-compatible service. We have a ticket open for exposing some additional options in the resource setup but so far haven't been able to prioritize that over work on the native connector and use-case. If more users are running into this please let us know and we'll keep re-evaluating!