S3 File Uploader component: How to get the original filename?


Hello there,

I am building a UI for file uploads directly into our S3 storage. The integration is generally working fine with the S3 Uploader component which made it pretty quick to setup in the first place.

Now I am facing a small limitation and wondering if someone can point me in the right direction:

What I need to do?
Take the original filename the user submitted - let's assume 'my_cool_document.pdf' for the sake of the example - and prepend/append some extra information.
The final file name should be in the structure of <my_internal_id><original_filename>.pdf
e.g. 212_my_cool_document_1688045171.pdf

I can use the "Override file name" property of the S3 uploader component to completely take-over the filename, but I cannot find any reference to the original uploaded filename (the 'my_cool_document' part of the example above). What am I missing here? Is there any way I can refer to that value in order to compose the correct filename override?

Thank you for your help/suggestions!

Hey @rootrigo!

I'm not sure this is possible with just the S3 uploader component :thinking: Have you explored using a File Button along with an event handler that triggers an upload query to your S3 resource?

I was hoping I could avoid building that from scratch for such a small detail, but thanks. I will use that as a plan B