RPC connection: "Error: No connected agents." after "Agent version mismatch" without "Require explicit version" checked


My organization is using Retool RPC to retrieve/send info between our internal systems and Retool. Everything has been working as expected until yesterday (May 2) at ~12:19pm ET when we were seeing Retool polling returning 500s, eg:

Error running RPC agent Error: Server error when fetching query: 500. Retrying...

These errors continued until 5/2 1:53pm ET, and 10 minutes later, was followed by this error:

Error fetching query (400): {
"error":"Bad Request",
"message":"Agent version mismatch. Please restart your agent with the latest version.",

I do not have Require explicit version checked in the resource config for any enabled development stage.
Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 3.53.49 PM

Is there somewhere else I need to check for version mismatch, or was this a rogue error?

Thank you!