Return validationToken to retool workflow webhook

I am tyring to configure a 'subscription' to a graphQL resource via a webhook as described here:

I think i am specifically stuck on this part, where it describes the validationToken that is automatically created and sent with the URL

Is it possible, in retool workflows, to capture that URL parameter and then decode and send it back with the 200 response?

Thank you!

Hey @msd5079!

It looks like url param parsing isn't supported at the moment but the team is aware and we can let you know here when it is included!

Hey @Kabirdas, any update?

Otherwise I would +1 for this. Is necessary for creating any kind of MS Graph subscriptions

No updates yet, I'll pass along your +1!

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Hey @Kabirdas, just checking back to see if this made its way onto a roadmap? :grin:

Not yet @lukxf, it was bumped recently by another user but I don't have a good estimate for you, sorry!

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Hello there, +1 here as well. Thanks!

+1 here too, any update @Kabirdas ?