Retool's Equivalent to Geckoboard "Dashboard Loop"


I've been utilizing Geckoboard's "Dashboard Loops" feature, which allows the seamless cycling through two or more dashboards with a defined pause on each for a specified duration. This has been a game-changer for us, enabling the presentation of a broader range of information on a single screen without overwhelming a solitary dashboard.

As we explore the functionalities of Retool, I'm eager to know if it offers a comparable feature or alternative functionality to Geckoboard's "Dashboard Loops." If anyone has insights or information on this, or if there are alternative Retool features that can achieve a similar outcome, your input would be greatly appreciated.

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Should be easy enough to create something that does this - I'd go with a dummy query that runs periodically and onSuccess it changes the dashboard view. Gives you a lot of control over if it should run or not (ie letting a user pause the loop if they wish) and can be expanded to control more than one component if needed.

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example attached