RetoolDB GUI View Primary Key

Was there an update recently that lets the GUI display views as well as tables? I definitely made the views using a different tool altogether. anyway, when I click on any of them they all show a warning (none of the tables do)

if I use the link in the warning, or the table drop down to try and add a primary key I get an error. I 100% wouldn't put it past me to forget to add a pk somehow, but I'm kind of wondering now if there actually is a pk and the GUI just isn't recognizing it

Views can't have PKs in Postgres. You aren't able to modify data in the view directly, you need to add data to the underlying tables, which is then reflected in the view. The "effective PK" (a totally made up term) for the view would (likely) be a combination of the underlying real PKs for the tables if you include them, but my guess is the GUI is just reflecting the fact that views cannot have a real PK.

Thanks for flagging! I don't see any recent changes, but that is good feedback. I'll share this with the Retool Database team internally