RetoolAI in 3.14.1 keeps returning RetoolAIQuery: Missing OPENAI_PROXY_API_TOKEN

I have configured Azure OpenAI API key, I select this model in the component or query but surely somehow the system still tries to access OpenAI probably.

Is there a way to disable the Retool managed OpenAI models?

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Hi! What type of AI action are you running? If you are using Retool Vectors, those will always use OpenAI, so you will have to configure an OpenAI key.

I just disabled the Vectors and it still insists on openai token. I only have a key for Azure OpenAI

What does your Retool AI resource configuration look like?

Retool Managed OpenAI is Enabled and Azure OpenAI is Enabled, everything else is disabled.

I can see and select the Azure OpenAI model in the component or query but when I test I keep getting the same error message.

Hi @Richard_Vencu, I took a deeper look and it seems like there's a bug here. Thanks for catching this! We'll release a new on-prem update for 3.14 tomorrow morning/afternoon with the fix.

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3.14.2 is still doing the same

3.14.3 works, thanks

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