Retool Workflows UI

Hey team,

Building complex workflows with a lot of fallbacks/steps gets hard to manage due to UI and freeform nature of it.

Great addition here would be to have a flowchart type of interface where steps are organized and locked in space so it's easier to follow and maintain.

Additional mention here after larger number of code blocks auto-arrange feature doesn't work as it completely lags out.

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Thank you for the feedback! I've passed it along in a ticket to our Workflow engineering team.

@stefancvrkotic Have you tried our flowchart interface in the workflows editor? There's a toggle near the workflow name to switch between the "Freeform" view and "locked in space" view.

This is great!

Would have never looked there.

On a different note auto-arrange still doesn't work with larger workflows

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I just tested this out. Are you referring to some overlapping? Let me know the specific behavior and I'll add that to the Workflows ticket. Thanks as always @stefancvrkotic!

It doesn't reorder - browser crashes due to size.

Noted :pen:, thanks!