ReTool Workflow - Remove API Key?


How to temporarily disable the need of an API Key to run a workflow when calling it via a Webhook?



I've never seen this option before, now I can get rid of it.

Even the documentation doesn't mention it........ :rage:

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Same issue here :激怒:

Hey @som, what do you mean by temporarily disable the need of an API Key?

Workflows have always required an API Key to run when calling it via a webhook. The default is now using a Headers approach vs a query parameter (?workflowApiKey=XXXX)

If you need to disable calls to the workflow entirely, you can disable the webhook trigger.


I was also confused by this. I couldn't find any details in the documentation.

I agree that this is a better default. It took me a second to realize that I needed to manually set up my URL to include the API key in a query parameter.

There are some use cases where you can't easily do it in a header, like subscribing webhooks for Shopify Bulk Operation queries.

Updating the docs now! Thanks for the feedback @andre-ani @som

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