Retool self hosted: how to move the locally deployed retool to k8s cluster

i tried doing the local deploy in hopes on moving it into the kubernetes cluster.

I deployed retool locally using the -Deploy Self-hosted Retool with Docker Compose | Retool Docs
Now i want to migrate all my changes in this local deployment to the kubernetes cluster -Kubernetes | Retool Docs

Wanted to know if there is any such feature in retool, or should it be handled in a different way. !?

Please help!

Hello Jay,
below my notes when I solved the same issue few years ago.
The problem is DB, we're using RDS now.
Might need some adjustments or might not, please check the actual docs.

  1. dump db from container
  2. restore DB to RDS
  3. make sure you get correct encryption key from current installation
  4. check all DB’s user - new host must be allowed - added new users retool_user@hosts
  5. Check connectivity between eks and RDS
  6. just deploy in any convenient way retool to k8s - manually, helm etc and set all env variable
  7. check logs - no errors at all presented.

Encryption key is very important caveat - do not miss it.
Have a fun :slight_smile:

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Solved, thank you so much for your help


Thanks so much for sharing knowledge on these steps here, @Punka! :tada: Now that this is available here in the forum I'm sure it will help many others going forward as well.

Glad this is solved on your side @Jay3112 and thanks for asking here!

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