Retool run multiple query

I have more then 40 queries run on load page and i got this error

How can i avoid this error?

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Hey @luan_d_ng!

Because of how requests are routed on the backend it's possible that separate queries can create new connections to your database. If you're running into the maximum number of connections you can try either increasing the max_connections setting on your database or using something like PgBouncer to implement connection pooling.

Where are you hosting your Postgres database?

i'm hosting it on supabase

It looks like Supabase integrates with PgBouncer! There's a blog post on it here and hopefully that works. Is it something you had investigated already?

@Kabirdas Hi! Does pgBouncer also integrate with the Retool DB? I'm having the same error

Hey @oschmitt! This may be related to a backend issue seen by certain users on RetoolDB and we've been in the process of migrating a large number of orgs to a new DB provider so that it won't occur. Yours should now be moved over as well, can you let me know if you're still running into the error?