Retool Outage? My apps are not loading on edit mode

Is retool suffering any outage?

My apps in edit mode keep loading. I first noticed my transformers were not working/updating, and had to refresh for behavior to go away. Now I'm refreshing and apps wont load. They load in user mode though....

I'm on cloud

Hey Miguel, may I have permission to log into your org to check this out? Which app(s) is this affecting?

I'm not having any issues loading any apps on my side in my own instance.

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Thanks Isaac, have DMed you

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Hi @MiguelOrtiz :wave:

Just checking in to make sure you're not still running into issues!

Hi @AbbeyHernandez,

Thank you so much for checking in. All good, there was a transformer that was entering into a loop and pretty much crashed the browser upon app loading. A bit strange, but it was sorted. =)

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Fantastic :slight_smile:

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