Retool Mobile: please give us fixed heights

At the moment, we seem to have very little control over the height of elements in the mobile apps. In particular for objects that have a height that changes dynamically - I'm looking at you, listCollection.

Say I have this database and I do a search in it and feed the result to a listCollection. Depending on how many rows are present in the data array, the height of the listCollection will vary wildly, and this will throw off the overall layout of the app. Having an option to set the min/max number of items displayed would be very welcome and if

  • there are fewer items than the minimum set, the remaining space is empty but still allocated to the listCollection to maintain overall object size
  • there are more items than the maximum set, the extra ones can either be scrolled to, or swiped through some sort of pagination system

This is a practical example to the general issue of lack of vertical control in the layout, we only control how the objects are stacked and that isn't enough in my opinion.

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