Retool is automatically deleting $header, $main, and XX other elements in edit mode

When I or my co-worker logged in today to update our application, every link we click on causes all elements on the page to be deleted and the page be replaced with a default layout. Please help asap

Hey there :wave:, could you help share a screen recording of what you're seeing?

Also, are you seeing any errors in your browser console that you can help share?

I can work on getting that, here is a screenshot of the history of one of our pages:

You can see where we reverted to the live version and and then everything was immediately deleted again. My co-worker was able to revert without everything being deleted again

I can't upload my screen recording. Can I email it?

This is still happening this morning. Please instruct on how to share a screen recording

Hey @djpeach_peachapps You can DM me here or email to

Please include the screen recording of what you are seeing, and a screenshot of the browser console and of the browser network tab.

Are you on a cloud hosted Retool instance? If so, can you share the subdomain of the org? Thanks!