Retool Image Setup

Hello everyone! I have some beta feature on web version of retool. I want to include it for my local image and I don't understand how can I do that. It's feature for custom components. Maybe I should create some yaml file for this.

Знімок екрана 2023-11-22 о 11.13.46

Hello @Andrii_Mysliuk ,

Thank you for your question. Can you confirm that this is your own feature and you would like to segment this beta feature for your local image only? I want to ensure you are not referencing a 'Retool' beta-feature(something that we have released or offered through the feature flag console).

With your answer, I can hopefully assist further.


I think it's beta retool feature. I want to know if can I use it for a local image? I use custom components and it would be great if I could set auto height for this component.