Retool-hosted database - How to access staging tables from PGAdmin

How do I access the staging environment/tables in PGAdmin ?

I can access the production tables in PGAdmin without a problem.
I copied the scheme from the production to the staging environment using the Retool UI.
In the Retool UI I can see the tables in the staging environment.

Unfortunately I cannot use the Retool UI to populate the staging tables as one of my tables larger than 3mb.

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If you are using the free version, there is only production environment available AFAIK

Hi @ScottR , At the moment I am on a trial version of the Business plan. I can access the staging environment in the Retool UI. But I cannot find how to access this from PGAdmin.

Hey @JohanV, the connection strings supplied in the UI should be different for each environment (ie: different host and password). Let me know if that isn't the case for you.