Retool fails to save

Hi community,

retool fails to save my changes, from time to time, when I am developing my app. It has already happened several times since yesterday (27.01.2022) and I have to make the changes again and have to remember what changes I have made. This is very annoying. It doesn't help even I save the app manually with "ctrl + s". I have tried both chrome and firefox. The problem happens on both browsers.

Is this my own problem or someone else has auch this problem? Does anyone have a solution? Thanks


Hi @haidong Welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear that you're running into this issue :thinking: Retool should be auto-saving quite frequently.

Are there any patterns you've noticed (i.e. specific actions that don't seem to save)

Using the release management feature might be helpful.

I'm not sure how helpful this would be if it's not saving in the first place, but it might be helpful to try using the ?_historyOffset=1 parameter at the end of your URL. This will allow you to "travel back in time" 1 step. You can increase the number to go further back in time if you still don't see the app data. The idea here is to go back to the most recent version so you don't have to redo as much work. ***WARNING!*** If you make any changes to the canvas when traveling back in time, that past version will become your present version and it messes with the history, so be careful not to touch anything! Once you find a version that you'd like to make that your present version, then you can make an edit to the canvas (move a component, add a component, etc) to persist that view.

Hi, i use this thread. Unfortunately I still have the same annoying problem. Could you help me? It's a very big problem cause I have to fix all queries again

Hi @margaret Thanks for letting us know!

Is there any chance that someone else might be editing the app at the same time as you?

Hi @Tess no, only me. works one person at a time

Hi @margaret thanks! Any chance you have multiple tabs open with the same app in edit mode? or multiple windows? That could potentially cause this issue.

Are you seeing the changes in the app history (even though they seem to be gone)?

No I don't have multiple windows. I'm using release mode or I create a copy of my work but it doesn't fix my problem.


Hey there :wave: Can I ask if you are on cloud or self-hosted? To keep diving into the behavior you are experiencing here I would recommend reaching out to support directly ( so we can get this figured out as soon as possible!

I have the same issue while using the Retool cloud version too. During the day, i have repeating issue: Retool is automatically saving the code, but sometimes, our team see that the code is not stored so the changes is lost.

Hi @D_c_Tung_Le Thanks for reporting this!

Is there any chance multiple people have the app open when this happens? Or, any chance multiple people are using one email to log in? Currently, we don't support concurrent editing (although we are working on this and will have updates soon!), and we have seen this result in un-saved work.

If that is definitely not it, do the other users see the changes when you step back in the history? Are you using the release version feature?

App saves should be happening very frequently :thinking: definitely something we want to get to the bottom of

Hi Tess

Only one person is working on the app and he is using his email alone. It happens throughout the date. Might I know, how long between for each app save? and if app saved failed, does Retool notify to user?

Hi @D_c_Tung_Le

It looks like saves happen very shortly after any action is taken in the app. You can also command + s to initiate a save manually

I don't think there's a notification, but you should be able to see the save requests -- are you seeing successful saves in the Network tab of your browser dev tools?

Is there a certain part that doesn't appear to save consistently (Javascript queries, a specific resource query, etc)?

OK Thanks. Let us use manual save and follow up the network request logs.

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