Retool Embed Logs Me Out

I'm a tad confused about Retool Embed and the custom domain settings that Retool requires.

Currently, my users login at Once logged in, they are redirected to It is at this page where I want my iframe with the Retool App to show up.

What Retool custom domain settings and DNS settings should I change to make Retool Embed work? Or is it something else that's going wrong?

Currently, when displaying the Retool Embed URL as an iframe, Retool logs me out to the retool login page when i load I'm assuming this is because the custom domain isn't set up properly?

Here are the errors in the console when I load my page. How do I work out why this GET request is failing? And might it be the reason it displays my app for a fraction of a second before logging me out?

The GET request that failed was for loading the an image stored in Retool Storage. Once I deleted that, everything works. Can you not use Retool Storage with Embed? (Permissions were correct, so I don't think that was the issue)

Hi @Sam_Q,

I don't see any known issues with using Retool Storage + Embed yet :thinking:

Curious if setting the image to be public could be a workaround to use the image until we sort this out?

It might be helpful to test a jsonEditor1 component that displays current_user so that we can see what info the app has about the user