Retool database table UI speed

I have been using Retool for a few months building an app that uses the Retool managed DB... I have literally zero technical background (trained CPA) so keep that in mind if this is a silly question.

The app is amazing, but tables feel really slow to respond to user changes and it sounds like switching to another database might speed it up?

If that’s the case, I’d need something similarly simple and If it matters, the app has lots of text (it is storing audit documentation) but is only going to be used by my small team (<10 people). I’m also looking for something that will give me some managed backups and am not all that worried about cost

It seemed like Supabase was a pretty obvious answer here but was hoping to get some feedback. Biggest question I have is how much of an improvement will this be? The table queries are pretty simple operations… but is there something else I should look at?

Hey @Mike_DeKock! Not a silly question at all!

Hard to say without fully understanding the slowness that you are experiencing. Are you referring to operations performed in a Retool table component that then trigger db updates? Can you share what the queries are, how much data is being sent / received etc? And what db you are currently using now?