Retool database schema migration stuck

I have added some new Retool Database tables to one of my Retool environments. I want to sync them to another environment. After I click "New Migration" in the Schema migration modal it appears to hang on "Creating schema diff…". Any idea what the issue might be?

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Hey @zgm! We've created a report and sent this over to the appropriate engineering team. We will update the post here as we get any additional information.

Thanks, @joeBumbaca !

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Hello there,

I've also been struggling with this issue. Is there any update? @joeBumbaca

I am also experiencing this

Hey all, we are working on a fix for this that should be out in our release next week. In general those occur on Wednesdays, but I will update this thread when I've confirmed that it's live.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that the release that went out today (v3.18) should resolve this.

Let me know if you are still having issues with migrations. Thanks!

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Hello, I'm still getting an internal server error:

Hey @sethd12345 unfortunately we did have to revert to v 3.17. We should be rolling 3.18 back out soon, and I'll definitely update you again here when that happens.

I just created another bug on the schema migration topic in this forum JoeBumbaca :slight_smile:

Hey All! 3.18 was released again yesterday afternoon, so this should be resolved again. Let us know if you are still having these issues. Thanks!

Hi Joe,

Unfortunatly I'm still stuck : Schema migration failed - Queries and Resources - Retool Forum

I would love to have an answer on my post. A week I'm in a team's plan and I can't leverage my staging environment. My app has to go in prod but can't plan for it until I have a dev env.

Right now I dev in prod because of this issue, not acceptable :frowning:

Edit : solved thanks to JoeBumbaca