Retool App UI Breaking

Problem: UI breaking in blank parts

  • Details: I'm using tabbed container to build different pages of the form, sometimes breaks in two parts, and some parts become blank. This issue happens when the app is live on public link on production, on preview it works fine.
    Whole app is in the main layer, not sure what is breaking over here from my side, please help me.

  • Screenshots:

SS - 1

SS - 2

SS - 3

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hey @tech_at_headout !

have you tried the "Expand body to fit" in the tabbed container settings? are there components within the container which are auto-height? Maybe try fixed height?

I have a vague feeling I experienced some behavior like this a while ago, and can't remember what fixed it. Sometimes just recreating an app magically fixes layout issue, but depending on the complexity I know that's not necessarily feasible.