Retool APP timing out after 10 secs for API Call

Hi Team,

We have an issue with REST API Call as the app works fine in DEV env and fetches the result successfully. I am calling REST API to fetch the data from Postgres Table and in DEV, only 100s of records in the table so the API returns the results within 10 secs.

I have merged the same app into prod and the REST APP is pointing to prod DB where the numbe of records is more than 1M and the API returns records ~20 secs. I have set the API timedout property to 50 secs but still, the app is timing out after 10 secs.

We have checked the below property in prod and everything looks OK.

Timeout on load balancer for prod is 120 seconds

Are we missing any settings here? Why the app is always timing out after 10 secs even though the timedout property set as 50 secs.

Hi @saravanakumar84, just confirming, did you adjust your query's timeout to 120 seconds? It can be found in the advanced tab, see screenshot below

@jocen Yup. I have adjusted my query timeout to 50000 ms (50 secs). Do I need to change it to 120 secs in order to make it work?

Hey @saravanakumar84!

Happy to help here! Just to troubleshoot, if you limit this query to 10 records does this query return properly? Also, just to clarify, in Dev the query is running fine. But in Prod where you have ~1M results the query returns after ~20 seconds or times out at 10 seconds?

@Chris-Thompson Chris, The Issue was resolved and the root cause for this issue was source code was not merged properly.