Retool AI actions with gemini pro failing

  • Goal: Generate text and images using gemini-pro

  • Steps:

  1. added api key
  2. added prompt to generate text and slected gemini-pro model
  • Details:
    getting this response: response.body.pipeThrough is not a function (see image)

Any known work arounds or things to try?

this thread may be relevant: generateContentStream ERROR: TypeError: response.body.pipeThrough is not a function · Issue #43 · google/generative-ai-js · GitHub

  • Screenshots:

Hey @Scott_McQuiggan I believe I fixed this issue a while ago, are you happen to be on-prem? What is your current Retool version?

Hi @huytool157, We are not on-prem. Is there anything else i can test?

Hello @Scott_McQuiggan!

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

I was able to reproduce the bug and after reading through the forum post you provided, interestingly enough the Query works properly when I clicked 'Preview' but gave me the same error you got when I clicked 'Run'.

I will have some folks check under the hood to see if fetch is getting modified, as I do not believe we are using @mistralai/mistralai but can check that as well with our engineering team :+1: