REST / OpenaAI API Call Timeout

Is there any way to increase the default 120 second timeout for API calls?

Basically any meaningful use of gpt-4 takes longer than 120 seconds, so this limit makes Retool unusable for lots of AI applications

Hey @Ned_Cartmell, welcome to the fam :hugs:

You can use a workflow for which the max timeout is 10 mins.


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Hey @minijohn , thanks for the quick reply!

That was my thought too, as I see workflows overall have a higher timeout limit. Wouldn't REST queries within Workflows still bottleneck the processing time though at 120 seconds, or are you saying that REST query blocks have a higher timeout (ie 10 min)?

I was sure I had tried this and gotten stuck but happy to take another look.

Yep! In Workflows, REST query blocks (and blocks in general) should have a max timeout of 10 minutes.