REST API Not Using Token Being Referenced

I wanted to authenticate my user with by using the oauth token provided by google in the URL. I need to send this token to Stytch to get the JWT required for interacting with our other internal APIs. I believe I am including everything needed for this request to go through, yet it is not picking up on the token value I provided in the body. Any suggestions I should try?

Hey @Matthew_Driggers! Took a look at the error doc provided in that response and it seems that error is thrown when the token itself has been used before. It's a deceiving error because it sounds like there was no token in the request, but according to their docs it's that they cannot find the token in the backend.

One really quick way to check if the token from that text input is being sent is to look at the API request tab in the same area as that response.

Let me know if you have any other questions!