I have a REST API for our EDMS that I need to upload PDFs to.
It needs to:

  1. Suck down JSON lists, loop through them (I assume with javascript)
  2. Navigate through a directory tree on our EDMS.
  3. Upload the PDFs when it has found their location.
    I have previously written this program in C#/Visual Studio and now need to replicate it as a Retool workflow.
    Is there documentation/examples out there that do this kind of thing? I am looking, but so far, not finding much.

Hi @Dayl_Brinkman - welcome to the forums. There aren't always cookbooks for use cases that span steps across multiple components or code blocks, but there are lots for each step along the way.

Is there something in specific you are looking to do that isn't clear? I am many others can probably give you a broad strokes overview of what to build, but without specifics, it is probably just as useful as what you already have written...

I'd guess your workflow trigger includes either the JSON list you mentioned or a pointer to said lists. The workflow would then be created block by block to do the processing. Or, if the PDFs are being input by users in the front end, your trigger would also include the file object (or array of file objects) as well.

Let us know if you get stuck on a particular step, or if you want to give some more context to the steps.

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