REST API Base URL trailing slash?

New to retool, maybe I am missing something :slight_smile: So I was playing with the REST API resource, and added this url:

I noticed that when using this resource in say a query, it shows the Base URL as being which breaks because this website seems to 404 on the slash at the end, but works without it.

Is this a bug? I don't know why a slash would be added to end.

Hey @chrisgoffinet and welcome to the community! So the way that our REST API resource works is that you add a base URL when you connect the resource, and then add your specific endpoint in the query editor (as you’re building your Retool app). So the workaround here would be to put in as the base URL, and then add prod/trial/lookup in the endpoint field (or whatever makes sense). We add the slash because we’re assuming you’re going to be adding different endpoints for different queries (e.g. /orders for an orders query, /users for a users query), all based off of the same base URL. Does that help / make sense?

Makes total sense now! Thank you so much.

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