Request for assistance with multi-select and custom column modals in Retool

I am trying to create a table that allows for multi-select lines and custom column opening modals at the same time. However, whenever I'm adding a custom column opening modals, the multi-select line feature doesn't seem to work anymore.

I would like to know if there is a recommended approach for creating a table in Retool that allows for multi-select lines and custom column opening modals.

If possible, I would appreciate some code samples or examples that demonstrate how to achieve this functionality.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

I look forward to hearing back from your team soon.


You can use "Use checkbox column for selection" that will prevent deselection when clicked on the custom column.

Despite enabling the "enable multi-row selection" and "use checkbox column" options in a table, certain columns remain uneditable. Specifically, it is not possible to select multiple lines and modify columns that utilize a boolean column type.


My apologies, I am not quite understand the issue. I thought it's about opening the modal of which could cause de-select a selected.

Regards the editing boolean column type, I am not able to replicate the issue. In the gif below, editing a boolean is just simple checking/unchecking a checkbox. So I'm not sure...are you able to export and attach the app here?

And if you add a custom column which is of type Modal, are you still able to select and un-select the rows of your table ?

This is the point where I am facing difficulty. I have the impression that adding a custom column of type Modal prevent the selection of other columns that have the Boolean data type.

I see, I'll see I can clear it up for you.
In the gif below,

  • I have the "Use checkbox column for selection" off...when it's off you notice that when I clicked on the modal column (Column 2), the row got de-selected.
  • When the option is on, I can click on the modal without de-selecting the row.


The modal column is just opening a modal, you can see that in the gif.
The editing of boolean columns (or any other columns) has nothing to do with Modal custom column. At the end of the gif you can see that I'm still able to edit and make my selection.

FYI, when using the modal from table, it has limited functionality and the biggest part that I do not like is you can still edit the table while modal is visible.

I hope that'll help.