Reorderable List on iPad

I built a UI on desktop with the reorderableList, but now that I'm using it on the target device (iPad), I'm realizing that the drag & drop functionality doesn't work.
Is there a way to use a Reorderable List on mobile? If not, could you consider making it work somehow?

Use case:
I'm currently using it to re-order data that I fetch from a database.
It represents a wait list.
Each row has a unique integer in the seq column (with possible gaps in numbering), and I display it in ascending order.
To re-order the data, I show a reorderableList with a cell for each row currently displayed. After the user has re-ordered the cells, I issue an update to the table, shuffling the seq values around to reflect the order while maintaining uniqueness. The updated values in the table update then are just:

{{, idx) => {
    return {id:, seq:[idx]};
  }).filter((row, idx) => !==[idx]) }}

I'm guessing I'll have to find another solution for now - my first thought is to just allow reordering one person at a time and using a slider to move them to the desired index. Not as good since you don't get to show who they're getting reordered around. Or separate buttons to move to the front / back, up one / down one.

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