Rendering query results in a select component

I am trying to display areas in a select component and am fairly new to Retool. Right now I have a select query "getVisitAreas" like this:

select visit_averages.route_area from visit_averages order by visit_averages.route_area


How can I get the value of the query to display? In this case the route_area.

To consider as well, my next step is to do a calculation based on the route_area and its other columns: salt and snow. eg {{ numberInput6.value * select1.value }}.

And of course, as soon as I ask the question, I found the answer: {{ item.route_area }}.

Still, if anyone has some advice on best practices and how I can pully data in the other columns for calculations, it would be much appreciated.

Can you explain what you mean by pulling in other columns for calculations?