Render multiple button component from a map


I want to know how it's possible to render multiple button from a map on a get query ?
Did anyone have already did this ?

Thanks by advance !


Hey @JennaUku! Would you mind sharing a bit more about your use case and current set up? When you say multiple buttons from a map, do you mean button components?

And for your get query, would you mind sharing what that looks like?

I found an other way to do it, but i'm interested in fact to know if it's possible to render the same component by using a map like in React., i) => {


Hmm, it's not possible to create Retool components using Javascript, but you can maybe use the list view component with a dynamic length. Would something like that be helpful for your use case?

You can also dynamically show/hide components using Javascript, but they'd need to already be present on the canvas.