Remove " from a string value?

I'm trying to load a saved query, I know about the Query library but for a moment lets assume my query is in a variable. If I try to load it in another, it tries to load it with " at the start and end (I think) and I think this is why I get a bug..could it be? How can I try to truncate the text 1st and last character to test this?

Thank you

Please try to toggle the following setting in this particular resources setting option:
"Disable converting queries to prepared statements"

More info:

That does work (well then I don't need the .query I can directly call another saved query , perfect ) BUT it breaks other tables I have (not sure why actually, they should still function the same right?)

Basically, I guess in other queries are using prepared statements and that isn't working anymore?

Maybe a possible solution is to have two resources in retool (for the same db object) and have one with the "Disable prepared statements .." option off and another with it on. Then just associate each type of query with its associated db. @Adam_Nishma