Reloading current page with new query param

We are trying to reuse one of our data model CRUD forms for creating and updating instances of our data model. We have a form with inputs for all of the model fields, then what we do is if there is a query param "modelId=" in the url, we use that unique id to query our database and pull the info to fill in the update form with. If there is no query param, then the form becomes a create form, and it instead points at a create call for that data model.

The problem is transitioning from the create to the update. After we create a new object, we then want to redirect to the update page for that object, aka the same exact page but with a new query param with the new object unique id. Our create call returns the unique id for the new object, so all we need to do is append a "modelId=uniqueId" query param to the same page that we are on and reload, or something along those lines.

The "Go to app" event handler is exactly what we need since you can add query params, but unfortunately the drop-down for Apps excludes the current page that you are on. If you could add the current page to this dropdown then this would solve our problem, or if you have any other suggestions we can try something else.

Workaround provided with Retool support in the short term was to use the current pages appId:

"utils.openApp(retoolContext.appUuid, { queryParams: {"paramKey": variable.paramValue}, newTab: false});"